There aren’t many cities quite like Taipei, which stands as a dynamic tapestry of culture, history, and modernity. Walk with us and discover the beauty of Taipei in 48 hours — from the neighborhood around Taipei 101 that's known for luxury shopping and panoramic views of the city, to the historic but trendy district of Da Dao Cheng, where old meets new and modern becomes the new classic. From a three-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant that features Taiwanese cuisine, to a local night market that is rich in local delicacies, embrace yourself and fully enjoy the city's charm.

Taiwan Tourism Board & Michelin Guide: Eat Like A Chef TAINAN

Chef Hiroyasu Kawate of two-starred restaurant Florilège in Tokyo was invited by Chef Ryogo Tahara of two-starred restaurant logy, in Taipei who was his right handed-man back in 5 years ago, for a small venture in South Taiwan and visit the iconic city of Tainan - a city that burst with history, culture, creativity and great food.

Taiwan Tourism Board & Michelin Guide: Eat Like A Chef KAOSIUNG

Chef André Chiang of the two-MICHEIN-starred restaurant RAW in Taipei has invited his good friend and chef of MICHELIN-starred MONO in Hong Kong, Ricardo Chaneton, for a trip in the charming and sunny city of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, a place that also reminds them so much of Southern France.

Samsung Singapore Invites Singapore to Paint the Town

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S22 series 5G, Samsung Singapore unveiled Paint the Town, a limited-time-only retail activation held at leading multi-brand streetwear retailer CHAMBER in Orchard, Paint the Town is strategically located at the bustling heart of Singapore. The limited-time-only pop-up features exclusive artwork by local graphic designer and illustrator Moon Malek.

Sephora Event HIGHLIGHT: Les journées particulières

Sephora has announced a global line-up of exciting activations for this year's edition of LVMH's Les Journées Particulières, across iconic flagship locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. From October 14-16, Sephora will welcome visitors on an exceptional and specially designed journey to showcase Sephora's unique know-how, while providing delightful experiences through a range of engaging activities and informative workshops.

Taichung One-MICHELIN-starred Fleur de Sel’s Chef Justine Li: Cherishing Customers’ Trust

Chef Justine Li always gives her all. This means being very selective with ingredients and having meticulous attention to detail; working in the kitchen every day, personally making the dishes and pouring her heart and soul into every dish. After all, her guests have entrusted her with an important day of their lives, and the last thing she wants is to disappoint them.

A Day in the Life of Sommer's Lewis Barker with 1664 Blanc

We follow the footsteps of Lewis Barker, chef of one-MICHELIN-starred Sommer, as he walks us through a day in his life. He also prepares a special dish using 1664 Blanc.

Yellow Ribbon Awards 2022 - Event Video

This year, the Yellow Ribbon Awards 2022 was held jointly by the Singapore Prison Service and Yellow Ribbon Singapore. Themed "We Are Each Other's Second Chances", the awards recognise 203 award recipients for their dedication to second chances and achievements in shaping a more inclusive society. 🏆 Our sincere gratitude goes out to every individual and organisation, as well as all the volunteers, donors, workplace advocates, employers, and overcomers who have contributed to our efforts. 

Weixin Pay serves nearly 10,000 hawkers in Singapore

Food connects people. In Singapore, hawkers serve satisfying meals to brighten up people’s day while #WeiXinPay serve almost 10,000 hawkers to provide a more convenient way of transaction.

Discover Taiwan's Flavours with Chefs from MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants

Jimmy Lin of two-MICHELIN-Starred JL Studio and Kai Ho of two-MICHELIN-Starred Taïrroir were invited by local chef Hsu Liu-An to visit his hometown of Hsinchu. Here, the chefs learned from the local experts about their passion for Oriental Beauty tea, mullet, shrimp, and tomatoes — all of which are abundantly grown in Hsinchu. The chefs then took these local ingredients, weaved them with Western cooking techniques, and reimagined them into unique dishes.

Discover the Flavours of Taitung with Chefs from MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants
Led by chef Nick Yang of Sinasera 24, chef Justine Li from one-MICHELIN-starred restaurant Fleur de Sel and her good friend chef Florence Dalia, who led L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon to get two stars in MICHELIN Guide Taipei & Taichung 2021, travel together to Taitung to get inspired by the landscape and local ingredients. They convene in the kitchen to create innovative dishes that cleverly weave French and Taiwanese food cultures and ingredients together.
JL Studio 大廚林恬耀與鮮乳坊創辦人龔建嘉意外而美好的人生旅程
Michelin Guide Asia: Project Tarroir featuring Chef Kai​​​​​​​
USN x MAMA MAGNET presents A Most Absurd Guide!
The Future is Yours: Conversation with Changemakers

Today’s conversations inspire tomorrow’s connections. We invited 13 leaders and next-gen change-makers to share their insight on today’s rapidly evolving work landscape and how they feel about the future of work. What is the new norm? Is climbing the career ladder relevant anymore?


New edit for MND Singapore, Homestory series!
Really fun collaborating with a team of creatives for this video, very Informative piece for first-time homebuyers in Singapore :)

Chef’s Day Off: Going The Extra Mile

Edit for Michelin Guide on Chef Andrew Walsh and his creativity in the kitchen for Cure’s deeply personal Nua Irish cuisine menu.

French Food Tour of Singapore with Chef Julien Royer

Join Chef Julien Royer from 3-MICHELIN-Star Restaurant Odette as he takes you on a “tour de France" in Singapore, making stops at his favourite places for a taste of France in Singapore and the local food establishments that made him fall in love with the city.

The Making Of Midtown Modern
A project for GuocoLand new development 
Guzman y Gomez & Adyen

How QSR brand Guzman y Gomez (GYG) is partnering Adyen to bring faster, better dining experiences to diners in Singapore. Learn how the partnership benefits the business at every level – from the franchisee owner to the front of house.​​​​​​​

Plant-based Seafood Star In Chef Kang's New Creations
Chef Ang Song Kang of one-MICHELIN-star Chef Kang’s applies his mastery of Cantonese cuisine to plant-based seafood by local food innovation company Growthwell.
Adapting To New Normal
Despite the 8-week ban on dining in, virtual Zoom dinners and online cook-alongs gave executive chef Tristin Farmer new channels — and plenty of fresh inspiration — to translate two-MICHELIN-starred restaurant Zén’s traditionally interactive dine-in experience into one that can take place in diners’ home. The restaurant also started a Whatsapp group to help to keep a group of local taxi drivers in employment.
Culinary Moments with 1664: 
Want to add a creative twist to a classic Italian dish at home? Take a look at Chef Beppe De Vito from One-MICHELIN-Star Braci's reinterpretation of the classic Smoked Mozzarella Risotto with a splash of magic from 1664's Blanc Beer.
Culinary Moments with 1664:
For those master chefs at home who want to accompany a cool beer with modern classic, check out this Burned Bread Soup With Carabinero, Shimeiji Mushrooms And 1664 Blanc recipe from Chef Christophe Lerouy of one-MICHELIN-starred Lerouy.
Isle Of Eden 
BluBridge is an American company committed to partnering with Maldivian communities, providing jobs and professional development for their employees, and growing sea cucumber of the highest quality. BluBridge is positioned in the Maldives because of the cleanliness of the water and  the abundant opportunities to develop the highest quality sea cucumber.
Picture This Festival 2018 – Singapore Finalist Short Film In 2015, 
3 months of forest fires in Indonesia put more carbon into the atmosphere than Europe's annual carbon footprint combined. Wally and his friends made an aid trip to Kalimantan, distributing air safety masks and giving workshops on how to be safe from what was essentially an ecological disaster. This documentary shows what happened and how Wally and his team spent the next 2 years designing and building Indonesia's first functioning haze shelter with the young people of Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Singapore Stands Up to Historic Summit's Test
A Behind the scene preparation highlight video of The historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel on Singapore's resort island of Sentosa, 
DBS Paradigm Shift Global Hack 2019
The inaugural DBS Paradigm Shift Global Hack selected the champs from 12 finalists after a gruelling two-day finale.
World Health Organization Jakarta Event Highlight Coverage
From the 24th to 26th of October 2018, 50 Countries came together to discuss best practice for collaboration between the Public Health Sector and Military Health Services to jointly prepare for and respond to Public Health Emergencies
Forbes Asia: Voices Of Success Series 
Binod Chaudhary controls CG Corp Global and is Nepal's sole billionaire. His biggest assets are a controlling stake in Nepal's Nabil Bank and CG Foods, maker of the popular Wai Wai noodles.
Bold At Work
Bold At Work, an innovation studio lab approach simulates the challenges that our youths will be confronted with in the real world. Youths get to build and practise the skillsets and mindsets demanded of them in a world that is ambiguous, uncertain and complex.
World Scholar's Cup | Introduction to Hosting
The idea behind the World Scholar’s Cup was to create something different than traditional academic competitions and conferences: a celebration of the joy of learning.
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